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Welcome to Singh's Bala Da Dhaba
Perhaps the oldest of all recipes, boneless chicken in tandoor, has a unique flavour of mint, garlic & pepper
Available in 4 per serve
SERVES 2 - An assortment of items from tandoor including lamb, chicken, kebabs and mushroom
Available in Serve
Spicy onion fritters, buttered and deep fried
Available in Serve
Chef's special
Available in Serve
A classic dish made from minced lamb, ginger, garlic and spices cooked in tandoor
Available in Serve
A Dhaba specialty
Available in Half Serve, Serve
Fish fillets marinated in masala and thick yoghurt cooked to perfection
Available in Serve
Lean lamb cutlets marinated with herbs and selected spices, grilled in tandoor
Available in 4 per serve
Premium mushroom marinated in Tandoori spices and cooked in a Tandoori oven
Available in Serve
King prawns marinated in Indian herbs and yoghurt, cooked to perfection
Available in Serve
An all time favourite
Available in 1 per serve
Rings of calamari sprinkled with Indian herbs, deep fried
Available in Serve
Fillets of fish delicately spiced with stone ground garam masala, deep fried with the help of corn and served with mint chutney
Available in Serve
Fine chopped seasonal vegetable marinated in chic pea flour and deep fried
Available in 4 per serve
Home made cottage cheese marinated into chic pea flour and deep fried
Available in Serve
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Always excellent food and service
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